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Q: "My light isn't turning off. Why?"


A1: The controller is not in the "Auto" position, it is in the "On" position in output mode. 

A2: The dial on the ballast is not in "EXT" position.



Q: "Why is the status light blinking?"


A1: A slow red blinking means that the unit is waiting for a signal from the controller. 

A2: A fast red blinking means there is either a bad bulb or the supply is under voltage. 



Q: "What can I do if the controller screen is flashing?"


A: Unplug the control wire from the NX-1 and the screen will go back to normal. If you unplug the wire and it goes back to normal, it means you have a bad splitter in the daisy chain or a bad wire. Troubleshoot and replace. If you are still having a problem with your controller reach out to us: 877-291-5899



Q: "My controller has no screen displaying. Why?"


A: If the LED screen is not displaying, the controller is defective. Please visit www.luxxlighting.com/rma and fill out the RMA support fields. We will contact you. 



Q: "How do I hook up my controller?"


A: Installing splitters correctly is the most important step. Make sure the single port is put to the light fixture every time. The double-sided port is what carries the daisy chain down the line. Full instructions can also be found in the user guide that comes with the unit.